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Excellent Basement Waterproofing Solutions

The solution to your wet basement is just a phone call away. Contact Tomlinson Cannon for a free quote from Eastern Iowa's basement waterproofing experts.


Let our professional team take a look at your basement water problem and recommend a solution designed with your particular situation in mind.


• Basement Drain Tile™ Waterproofing

• Crack Injection Procedure

• Water X-Tract™ System

Basement Drain Tile™ Waterproofing

If hydrostatic pressure and saturated soil is the cause of your wet basement, our Basement Drain Tile™ Waterproofing technique installs drainage tiles that direct water into a sump pump and out of your home.


Our procedure always includes protecting your possessions, making sure our work is a minimally intrusive as possible, and cleaning up when the

job is done.


• Remove 14" to 18" of the floor around the perimeter

• Remove dirt down to the bottom of the footing of the wall (approx. 10")

• Drill Weep Holes into each cavity (block wall) base of the basement wall

• Install 4" perforated ADS tile (surrounded by a fine fibrous sock to prevent silting) in the exposed trench

• Surround the ADS tile and cover the top of the footing with stone

• Install our Drain-Eze™ system (Block Walls)

• Install our high-quality sump pump system (with battery back-up if desired)

• Re-cement the trench flush and smooth with the existing floor

When you choose Tomlinson Cannon of Iowa City for your basement waterproofing and other repairs, you get a lifetime guarantee on all of our work.

Crack Injection Procedure

If cracks are the cause of your basement water problems, you can rely on us to fill them with a polyurethane chemical grout called MountainGrout®. Sealing cracks prevents them from becoming larger and threatening your home's structure.


The procedure for crack injection is one of the quickest, easiest solutions to water problems.


• 5/8” diameter hole is drilled on an angle to intercept the crack

• 5/8” diameter injection packer is then inserted

• The packer is then tightened with a socket wrench

• Mountain Grout is pumped through packer using hand held grease gun

Water X-Tract™ System

If water seeps in where the basement floor and walls meet, our Water X-Tract™ System can direct that water into a sump pump and away from your living and storage areas.


The Water X-Tract™ System uses hollow vinyl baseboards and small holes in your foundation as barriers and channels to guide the water. Pro-Seal Once™ adhesive keeps it all sealed in place.


This method requires no digging, no trenching, no jackhammers, and no hauling buckets of mud out of your home. Contact us today to see if it's right for you.

When you need waterproofing in your basement, contact us for a free quote.

Thorough Drainage Analysis

Basement water problems are frequently caused by gutter and drainage problems that send water towards your basement instead of out into your yard. Let us provide a complete analysis and give you a free quote.

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